Casa da Pina - CABRAS (OR) - TEL. +39 0783 391205

Concert 1 May 2017

Piazza Stagno (Cabras) info and booking: +39 3713818491
Gate open at 12:00, lunch at Piazza Stagno (barbeque or vegetarian)
Entrance with free offer (part of the contribution will go to support ALS research).
There will be lots of music, an area where you can drink and eat, and relaxation area.
The event shall start at 14:30, the bands will be:
Moses/ Colle Der Fomento/ Train Roots/ Menhir/ Riff Raff/ Rock Tales/ Radio Queen/ Tieni il tempo/ Rocket Queen’s/ Banditi e Campioni/ Sista Namely/ Isla Sound/ Momar Gaye/ Italiano Medio/ Muse The Tribute/ Sensei/ Off The Sun/ Davide Cadelano/ Complesso si Edipo/ Metamorfosi da Barre/ Giornata Feur Frei/ Ako/ Eya Crew/ Gruppo scalzi Cabras/ Stefano Floris/ Dj Andrea Dery/ Dj Sandro Azzena/ Dj Dario Sarais/ Dj Andrea Camedda.
At 17:00 will play:
Fabrizio Barberis/ Gualtero/ Vincenzo Recupito.