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Pina and Stefania, a little about us…

Pina and Stefania, we are a mother and a daughter that one day decided to open a guesthouse in Cabras. Our main passion was to socialize, talk to people and entertain friends and family with us.
One day, looking at us face to face we said that would not be a bad idea to follow this path and open the doors of our home to “the World.”
In 2003 we started our adventure …. Beautiful and still alive, pursued with even more passion than before.
Even today, after almost 15 years of activity, we find that to know people from all over the world is a great thing and enriches us with every passing day.
The Cabras area offers many things, mainly in the summer you can visit the many beaches just a few kilometers from our House.
I still remember (now Stefania’s speaking) when I was child, on Sunday my parents used to bring us to the beach with my brother and when it was possible also the other days of the week. They filled the red panda and we were ready for the sea, the preferred area was S’Archeddu and Sa Canna (not far from the most famous Is Arutas beach) which translated into Italian is the Arch of Rods, probably so named by the farmers in that area cultivated the land right next to the sea.
We had a lot of fun, met friends, played, walked, ran and, of course, we spent a lot of  time in the water, becoming blue …….. great and indelible memories!!!!
Even today, that I am a little older, I cannot stay without the sea and the sun.
By choosing to stay here in Cabras you will find all the services and amenities you want .. From grocery stores to restaurants and pizzerias … There is also a large square near the pond where you can make beautiful walks and in season, practice Bird Watching.
Every Thursday morning right on the main square the market is set up and here you can find local and traditional products and fresh fruits and vegetables of all kinds.
 In the evening, especially in the summer, there are often special events organized in the pond Square near the church of S. Maria Assunta.
In the period of May, exactly on the 24th, there is the main feast of St. Maria Assunta, which lasts on average between 3/4 days and different show  are organized every night.
Every year, on August, the “Cinema Under the Stars” is planned in San Giovanni di Sinis with a series of old and new movies, giving the opportunity to tourists and visitors to attend free watching.
Still in San Giovanni di Sinis, there are the “Nights Of Tharros” dedicated to music, often jazz.

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